Saturday Pirate Night

Vancouver Film School Game Design students final project. I was involved as a lead sound designer, creating assets, partially implementing sounds in Unity 3d and leading the team of sound designers.

Above video shows one the enemies in Saturday Pirate Night – Flying Pigs.
Flying Pigs are the enemies that can drop pianos on the player and shot with „machine gun”.
Both of attack sound effects consists of 3-4 layers with at least 3 variations of each layer. Each variation is choosed randomly, with pitch and volume randomization. Scipted in Unity.

Above video shows one of the enemies in Saturday Pirate Night – Pirahnas.
Pirahnas can attract the player with they’re singing, freezing player’s moves. Singing works as sequence of ON->LOOP->OFF sounds with 3 variations for each state, with volume and pith randomization. Scripted in Unity.